Class Infrastructure

Every classroom is well-lit and has wide double-sealed windows. The air-conditioned room also has an exhaust fan. The door of the classroom has an observation window or a separate corridor view box area. Every classroom is soundproof and beautifully designed on the school's three floors. The class has 2 large soft boards. All subject teachers can use the Smart Board. Some classrooms, specially in the junior and middle school, have cupboards, shelves and pigeon holes. The furniture for the students is made of pure wood with coloured laminated tops. There are double seaters + desks as well as single seats and desks. The teacher’s table has drawers and a small cupboard. The ceiling fans (6 – 8) are provided in each class. Each room has 7 – 8 tube lights.

Labs and Library

We have well-equipped school labs where the theory is put into practice by students. With care and guidance from our professional faculty and well-trained laboratory assistants, all facilities are given to our young innovators to fulfill the curriculum requirements. The Laboratories are spacious, airy, structured and well managed 24x7 in addition to being fitted. . laboratory has a smart board, a printed desk-top computer.Keeping the latest syllabus in mind, the models, specimens, charts, chemicals etc. have been well planned. The Biology Lab is self-sufficient with necessary assets such as hot case, refrigerator and water bath. The specimens, apparatus and chemicals are available to the students for hands-on experience


The School Cafeteria has a team of chefs, assistants, and servers. The catering manager is monitored by the school authorities with diligence. Healthy, nutritious meals that are child-friendly and high in nutritional value are prepared and served. As part of school policy, no' junk food' or' colas' are served. The Cafeteria adheres to strict sanitation and safety standards. All staff members and students have access to tea and coffee dispensers. Only mineral water is served in the School Cafeteria.
Mineral water is provided to all the students and staff in disposable glasses through dispensers kept at all strategic locations all over the building.


Basket Ball Court

Football Field

Cricket Ground


Track & Field

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